Materials Engineering

Our team is highly specialized and experienced in providing materials engineering and testing solutions. We provide engineering consulting, construction quality control/quality assurance, and testing services to a broad spectrum of clients in heavy industrial, commercial, transportation, utilities, municipal infrastructure, and institutional sectors. We have become a regional leader in the delivery of materials engineering services and expertise. Since our inception, we have undertaken thousands of projects for hundreds of clients in the following services:

Concrete Technology

  • Condition surveys and investigations
  • Design of repair and rehabilitation of deteriorated concrete
  • Recommendation for protective coatings
  • Concrete mix designs, trial batches, and specialty concrete mixes
  • Consultation on temperature evolution in mass concrete and methods to minimize the potential for shrinkage and thermal cracking
  • Concrete temperature monitoring with thermocouples and data logger including Maturity method for in-place strength estimation
  • Chloride profiling in concrete
  • Testing and evaluation of concrete aggregates including alkali-aggregate reactivity
  • Development of QC/QA programs for concrete-related work
  • Testing of tensile bond strength of coatings and repair applications
  • Testing vapor diffusion through concrete floors for input to flooring applications
  • Rapid Chloride Penetrability testing
  • Floor flatness and levelness measurements (FF/FL with Allan Face “D Meter”)
  • Scanning for rebar and conduit using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Construction QA/QC Testing

  • CCIL – certified concrete testing laboratories and Technicians/Technologists
  • ACI – certified technicians
  • Acceptance testing of construction aggregates and soils for road materials and structural fills
  • Compaction testing of structural fill materials for in-place density
  • Construction quality management
  • Sampling and testing of ready mix concrete
  • Sampling and testing of grout and mortar for masonry construction
  • Sampling and testing of specialty grouts for anchor bolts, column, and machine base applications
  • Review of reinforced steel placement
  • Quality review of concrete repair methods and repair material applications

Hot Mix Asphalt Technology

  • Asphalt technology including mix designs (both Marshall and Superpave methods), investigations and material testing
  • Aggregate acceptance testing for use as various construction materials (asphalt and roadbed applications)
  • Hot Mix Asphalt mix designs
  • Hot Mix Asphalt batch plant control
  • Sampling and testing of Hot Mix Asphalt (both Marshall and Superpave methods)
  • In-place testing of asphaltic concrete
  • Extraction, gradation and asphalt content (ignition oven method)
  • Thickness and densities of Hot Mix Asphalt cores
  • AC content
  • Pavement condition surveys