Climate Resilience

Our approach to climate change projects brings together practical adaption experience, industry-leading scientific data knowledge, and a multi-disciplinary solutions team. Our approach (involving a wide range of stakeholders) has proven crucial to the success of these complex climate resilience projects. We offer in-house support for all stages of climate change projects, from projections science and risk assessment to design and construction.

Our climate change team, including PIEVC trained risk assessors, are prepared to provide the following services with the support of our multi-disciplinary team of experts:

  • In-house customized climate change projections
  • Historical climate data analyses
  • Application of climate projections across many sectors, including design and hydrologic modelling studies as well as floodplain mapping
  • Sea level rise projections and modelling of coastal inundation
  • Risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Impact studies
  • Adaptation plans
  • Mitigation plans and GHG reduction
  • Community outreach and communication plans, infographics



Andrew Gates – VP Infrastructure