Coastal Engineering

With several decades of experience in marine and coastal engineering, planning, modelling projects throughout Canada and internationally, our coastal engineering team has completed a wide range of projects along Canada’s most diverse coastlines, in multi-seasonal climates, and in both heavily urbanized and rural areas. We are proud to be recognized as an industry leader in the Atlantic region and abroad for implementing innovative, industry-leading science-based designs and coastal engineering assignments along shorelines of rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Our expertise is in the following key categories:

  • Coastal restoration including coastal zone management
  • Shoreline stabilization
  • Erosion control
  • Natural and nature-based living shorelines
  • Design and development of marine infrastructure including breakwaters, seawalls, revetments, and other innovative shoreline protection measures
  • Small craft harbour and marine facility master planning, including wave agitation and navigation studies
  • Sophisticated numerical modelling of waves, currents, tides, and storm surge using a variety of industry-standard numerical models
  • Geomorphology and sediment transport assessments of cross-shore and long-shore sediment transport processes
  • Environmental investigations & permitting including water quality, marine outfall, receiving water and dredging studies
  • Coastal climate change vulnerability assessments including the development of risk criteria and coastal adaptation assessments
  • Coastal planning, policy, and regulatory investigations
  • Field investigations including the deployment of metocean monitoring equipment, marine sediment sampling, shoreline change analysis, and bathymetric surveys



Andrew Gates – VP Infrastructure