Environmental Science & Regulatory Services

Our environmental team understands the importance of early planning and proactive collaboration and alignment; from the concept and feasibility stages of a project, through detailed design, construction, commissioning, and operations. Our multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach combined with our depth of experience allows us to efficiently navigate multi-jurisdictional regulatory regimes. Our team is fully versed in environmental legislation pertaining to new project initiatives, active operation compliance, operating approvals, and regulatory compliance obligations. We offer complete environmental management services for any project.

Services Include

  • Regulatory Requirements review and road mapping
  • Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Regulatory compliance auditing
  • Regulatory approvals
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Public consultation
  • Permit acquisition
  • Management plans
  • Environmental protection planning

Environmental studies are often a requirement in regulatory approvals for many of today’s projects. Our multidisciplinary in-house expertise combined with a collaborative approach to field services allows our environmental team to offer a comprehensive suite of environmental science services tailored to the project-specific needs of our clients. Our environmental scientists are extremely familiar with the pertinent legislation such as provincial and federal regulatory requirements, as they pertain to protected areas and species of conservation concern.

Services Include

  • Fish habitat & watercourse assessment
  • Invertebrate sampling
  • Botanical & rare flora surveys
  • Forest inventories
  • Avian assessment
  • Wetland delineation and functional assessment
  • Ecosystem classification
  • Land cover mapping
  • Wildlife & wildlife habitat assessment
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Protected areas and species of conservation concern

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