CBCL recognized at the ACEC-NL AGM

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve been awarded the Excellence in Engineering Award by ACEC-NL for our work on the Coastal Engineering Assessment for the Town of Conception Bay South (Long Pond) Coastal Barrier.

This project included a comprehensive analysis of the coastal design conditions, including the monitoring of local waves, water levels, and winds, and the development of models that reproduce historical storm events and potential future storms.

Through the development of concept-level recommendations to mitigate coastal damage, reduce the risk to public safety and Town infrastructure, and completing a feasibility assessment of various coastal engineering solutions; CBCL was able to help the Town of Conception Bay South mitigate coastal damage and ensure the safety of its residents.



We’re so proud to announce that CBCL’s Lindsay Allen has been recognized as ACEC-NL’s Future Leader Award winner!

Lindsay joined CBCL in 2018, spending her first year diversifying her experience with municipal, environmental, and climate-related projects. Lindsay quickly developed an expertise in climate resilience and adaptation planning, becoming a key member of our Climate Services team.

Lindsay is considered a leader and mentor by her fellow colleagues. Her command of her subject matter has made Lindsay a trusted advisor for her clients and teammates alike.

Congratulations Lindsay! We are so proud to have you on our team.