CBCL wins ACEC-NB 2024 Engineering Excellence Award

(L-R) Graham Waugh (Saint John – Water Resources Engineer), Abram Lee (Saint John – Civil Engineer), and Dave Parsons (Saint John – Sr. Municipal Engineer)

CBCL was engaged as the primary consultant of an international team by the Government of St. Lucia to identify the source and causes of soil erosion leading to increased river turbidity, which impacts community drinking water quality.

CBCL conducted a comprehensive review of the five main watersheds to identify causes of erosion and identify proactive means to address it. Employing hydraulic and sediment modelling in conjunction with GIS mapping, CBCL generated predictive mapping showing areas of expected high erosion vulnerability and designed bioengineering methods to prevent erosion and promote bank stabilization and revegetation.

The project involved consultation and coordination with various local government groups including the St. Lucia Department of Forestry, Water Resources, Water and Sewage Company (WASCO), Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP), Department of Project Coordination Unit (PCU), Ministry of Infrastructure, Ports, Transport, Physical Development and Urban Renewal and community members (residents, business owners, and respective district councils). The various government organizations were consulted throughout the study period with community groups consulted to present final findings. 

Thank you and congratulations to our incredible team for your continued dedication and commitment!