January is Mentorship Month

At CBCL, we strive to grow a culture of positivity, respect, belonging, and engagement.

Our Mentorship Matters program is an initiative geared towards the development and growth of employees by recognizing everyone needs support in many forms throughout their career.

In honour of January being Mentorship Month, we asked a mentor/mentee pairing for insight on their experience with the program!


Emma MacEachern, Urban Planner in Halifax (mentee)

“The mentorship program at CBCL proved to be a valuable experience for me. Seeking a mentor for career advice and personal growth, I gained invaluable insights and guidance. Connecting with a mentor from a different background not only broadened my perspective but also enriched my technical knowledge. The program significantly contributed to my personal and professional development, clarifying goals and equipping me to navigate workplace challenges. Building a personal connection with my mentor, beyond technical discussions, proved refreshingly impactful.”



Marcos Casimirri, Mechanical Engineer in Halifax (mentor)

I’ve been part of the mentorship program for four years since its inception, and I also took on the role of a mentee for one of those years. This experience has proven to be incredibly rewarding for me. I believe the program not only facilitates professional and personal development but also plays a crucial role in building a network of connections within CBCL.

Whether through virtual Teams meetings or in-person interactions, the mentorship journey is a dynamic exchange, I think. Being paired with professionals from other departments or CBCL branches allows mentors and mentees to be exposed to a wider range of points of view and experiences. This collaborative approach transcends departmental boundaries, fostering both personal and professional growth.

In summary, I believe that mentorship is fundamentally about exchanging perspectives, contributing to our collective success.